The Memory of our Town

The town of Neuruppin invited ALD Studios to define historical focus points along the old town wall in 2001. We have understood our conceptual work related as much to archaeology as to storytelling, uncovering layers of history and myths and bringing the past into the present. The project was called “The Memory of our Town”. Some of the themes we generated were the first prehistoric Slavic settlements and the medieval monasteries at the shores of Lake Neuruppin as well as the great fire of 1787 and the following urban developments by the Prussian bureaucracy. Likewise we worked on the town’s famous sons, the writer Theodor Fontane and the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Two of our designs are shown here: first a bridge that marks the spot where the later King of Prussia and friend of Voltaire, Friedrich II (1712-1786) used to cross the wall to play the flute in his beloved garden and second an artistic symbol of one of the small shelters that housed the homeless in the winter after the fire of 1787. Both have become part of a children’s playground and simultaneously places where history and myth have become perceptible as vital dimensions of our daily life.