Trails in the Marshes

Molchow is located in the lake district of north eastern Germany. The shores of Lake Molchow rise from the lower fluvial plane of the Rhin brook with its springs to higher ground where old beech forests mark the dryer areas. You can find the manor of Neu Mühle in between these different natural settings. As a centre for ecological studies and educational services it is also the entrance point to the special watery world of the surrounding marshes. 
Marshes have always been ecological zones. In former times these were places of both physical and superstitious dangers. Nowadays, they are valued as very sensible biotopes. The scores for different trails were laid out carefully by biologists. However, wanderers are smoothly directed through areas of protected plants and animals, where they are given more freedom of choice in the higher forests or in the remains of the old Lenné park.
Darker places alternate with vistas. Artfully arranged focal points of landscape art contrast with nature and offer places to relax, opening up a whole new scope of experience and awareness.
The sound of frogs and mosquitos, the smell of water and vegetation, the liberation of the kinetic senses (Do my feet stay dry? Will I keep my balance on these planks? Can I walk across water?) all add up to the discovery of this unique place.