The Residenzschloss is one of the highlights of the historic centre of Dresden. It embodies the tragic fate of the bombing of Dresden in 1945. Its unfinished state and the soot-blackened walls make this tragic history sensible in a brutal and yet poetic way and offer a background for representative events organized by the city of Dresden.

ALD Studios was asked to take part in the preparation of a series of exhibitions sponsored by a New York patron of arts.

Analysing the available potentials, we had to acknowledge that this was truly one of those projects where “less is more”. We took a step back and allowed the given qualities to speak for themselves. Our approach was based on a phenomenological view capturing the sensory dimensions of the place: its sounds, feels and smells, visual qualities and the importance of movement in space. The different ways natural light falls in from different directions at different times of the day. How the changing atmospheres give meaning to space, revealing different textures of the materials and their shades of brown and grey.

Very simple forms were designed to create a choreography of movement in time and space using direction and rhythm. Colour schemes of the existing more subdued and darker tones of black, grey and brown were contrasted with panels of brighter colours creating focus points.