Small Cabins along the Baltic Shores

Since the Baltic shores have opened a wealth of relatively undisturbed natural areas have become accessible to a larger public. The rising number of visitors goes hand in hand with a growing awareness of the need for ecological preservation.
Based on former experiences gained in the Netherlands and Germany in 2007 Aldstudios was invited by local governmental organisations to formulate new strategies for these challenging developments.
We focussed on the needs of a special category of visitors who prefer the adventure offered by a simple stay in nature. Thus, both the humble joy of being in a small escape in direct contact with the impressive surrounding landscape and hiking trails starting right outside the cabin door inspires an active recreation. The cabins are relatively small (never more than 30mē) and yet completely self-supporting.
The locations are chosen due to their unique natural qualities. Dictated by the special sense of each different place the cabins sometimes stand out like objects of art, sometimes seem to blend with their settings.