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aldstudios is a studio established by cooperating architects from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. The idea is to create a unique synergy of skills and experiences in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscaping.

We share the belief in the prospects and values of our professions. New definitions are needed on a local as well as global level for our relation to space, both natural and urban. We make a contribution to the search for new and contemporary forms, both attuned to place and topography, and the timeless archetypical human needs.

Our approach is phenomenological, based on the way we experience our environment through the senses. Recognizing and enhancing the sense of place in each project is central to our creation of vital, human environments. To us sensory response, meaning, sentiment and memory are as much critical design factors as the more formal design principles like structure and program.

Our clients are private and public companies, investors and organisations.

Being connected to different universities in Germany and the Netherlands we also take part in teaching and research and invite students to participate in our projects.


You are welcome to contact us for more information.

w. lub pekelder
präsidentenstr. 31
16816 neuruppin germany
++ 49 (0) 163 6866803
email: info(at)aldstudios.com